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WebGIS-App and Search Engine

Shiny app to search and filter radiocarbon dates from various source databases. neolithicRC is based on the R package c14bazAAR. You'll find more information there about

  • the included databases
  • the meaning of the variables in the output table
  • the methods to compile the data

You can run this app on your own system by forking and cloning this repository, installing all the necessary packages and running the Shiny app (R -e "shiny::runApp('.')"). Alternatively you can use the prebuilt docker image (docker run --name your_neolithicrc -d -p 3838:3838 nevrome/neolithicr) or build it yourself (docker build -t neolithicrc . and docker run --name your_neolithicrc -d -p 3838:3838 neolithicrc). The shiny-server.conf in the docker image is custom-tailored to my needs (location: /cSchmid/neolithicRC and websockets disabled) and you should adjust it if you fork.


Thanks to

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For the code in this project apply the terms and conditions of GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2. The datasets are published under different licences.

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